TV Club Classic: We buckle up as Gilmore Girls enters the Digger era

“Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out” (season four, episode nine, originally aired 11/18/2003)

Wow, we are really in the weeds in mid-season four, aren’t we? Rory’s main plotline seems to involve just “being at Yale”; Richard and Emily, the show’s second-strongest relationship, is heading for rocky waters; and with no other romantic options on the horizon, Lorelai takes up with Digger.

The Yale game is almost a bottle episode for the Gilmores, fancy tailgating before the big game. Unfortunately, it throws a wrench in the works in the form of Pennilyn Lott, who Richard has been having lunch with every year for 39 years? Nobody could blame a control freak like Emily Gilmore for blowing her top over it, but Lorelai is in the unfortunate position of being in the direct path of her mother’s wrath, leading her to give up her current parental …