Stateline Society for Human Resource Management to celebrate 20th anniversary

CRYSTAL LAKE – It’s been 20 years since Stateline Society for Human Resource Management was established in the area.

The group will celebrate its 20th anniversary at a monthly meeting Thursday.

As they geared up for the meeting, two leaders of Stateline SHRM reflected on the past 20 years and how Stateline established such longevity, even as membership fluctuates depending on the economy.

Whether the membership is more than 100, or down in the 60s, as it was during the recession, Stateline SHRM President-elect Carlos Arévalo said the consistent theme is that those with active memberships are just that – active.

“I think it’s the commitment to present information that is relevant and helpful to the membership,” Arévalo said of the group’s ability to keep involvement high. “The information we put out in our monthly meetings is always helpful, practical and people are engaged in it. They don’t just listen – they are active.”

SHRM is the largest national human resources organization and has state and local affiliates. Like the other chapters, the one in McHenry County focuses on new laws and changes in the workplace.

Change and corresponding adjustments are common in the HR field.

“What we’re doing today is maybe more relevant than even when HR came in as a business function years ago,” Stateline SHRM President Christine Johnson said. “We offer our members relevant programming in meetings that allows them to do their jobs better.”

Some lessons are geared toward the general business person in the county, while others focus on community development.

One of Stateline SHRM’s organizational goals is to grow participants’ leadership skills.

“Our members like to ask questions. They don’t like to just accept the status quo,” Johnson said. “They want to help their businesses to grow and want their employees to develop.”

As an example of the content offered to members, Johnson said she took a class with Thursday’s guest speaker, Andy Kaufman, which she was dreading.

But Kaufman, who has experience as a worldwide speaker who has trained with the United Nations, large companies and colleges, quickly changed her attitude.

Johnson secured Kaufman – the Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development Inc. speaker, author and executive coach – for Thursday’s meeting.

“He talks a lot of leadership, and has information that is really useful and timely,” Johnson said. “It’s things that when people walk away, they say they can use it in their workplace.”

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