Great Job, Internet!: Trader Joe’s has been lying to us this whole time

Trader Joe’s is great. The selection is vast, the shirts Hawaiian, and the prices low. Also, you can get Trader Joe’s signature products, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Or at least, that’s always been the perception. The grocery brand has long kept the producers of its products a secret, and for good reason.

A new, investigative piece from Eater has uncovered the identities of a number of these producers and, it’s more or less the same stuff you’re buying at Jewel, Ralphs, or Mariano’s. Eater’s clever method of deduction involved logging Freedom Of Information Act requests to obtain FDA and USDA recalls and alerts that mentioned Trader Joe’s. Their discovery? What you think are Trader Joe’s brand products were actually made by dozens of different companies.

Among them are huge manufacturers like Conagra, “the company behind …