Great Job, Internet!: Read This: In praise of Frasier’s dad’s chair

Looking for Frasier hot takes in 2017? The New Statesman has you covered. In “Martin Crane’s Hideous Chair Was The True Star Of Frasier,” author Helen Lewis argues that the crusty, puke-colored armchair that John Mahoney’s Martin slouches in throughout the show’s run is “the single most meaningful object in the whole of 1990s comedy.”

It’s a compelling argument, too, especially if you, like Lewis, see the true emotional arc of the acclaimed sitcom to be that of Martin rather than Frasier himself. Of the character’s second wind he finds in the finale, she writes, “He’s the child—once dependent, he is now able to leave home and make his own way, leaving Frasier as the Empty Nester.”

Because, more than just a ’90s yuppie comedy, Frasier was really a story about family and values. The chair, Lewis argues, is the central representation for …